1987-1991 Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design, visual communication designer, photographer diploma
1988-1992 Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design, teacher diploma

1990 4-th exhibition of the Young Photographer's Studio, Ernst Museum
1990 MIF students exhibition, Pordenone, Italy
1992 Diploma exhibition, Tölgyfa Gallery
2001 Hungarian Photographers Exhibition, Budapest Art Hall
2002 Brick, Architectural photograpy exhibition, N&N Galery,
2002 8. Biannual Architectural Exhibition Venice, ,Hungarian pavilon, Venice, Italy
2003 Brick, Architectural photograpy exhibition, Kiscelli Museum, Oratórium hall,
2005 form and nonform, Middle European Architectural Photographers Exhibition, Jean Monnet Building of the European Commission, Luxemburg, Ljubjana, Prague

2009 Open Air 8x10, School of International Center of Photography, New York

2009 Figurák formák fotográfiák, exhibition with Mariann Bán, Ponton Galéria Budapest, Hungarian Cultural Institute Warsaw

2010 Perception, exhibition with Bán, Mariann in Duna Television, Budapest

2010 Sacral Buildings Of Makovecz, Imre, K.A.S. Gallery, Museum Kiscelli, Várnegyed Gallery, BME Budapest

2011 Open Air 8x10 New York, FUGA, Budapest

2012 Relations, City Art Museum "Magyar Ispita", Győr

2014 Philémón's Dream – The Idea of Eternal Marrige, Ponton Gallery, Budapest

2016 Divorce. The resolution reached with difficulty, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Project Room

2018 Thirtythree, A New Horizon of Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Robert Capa Kortárs Fotográfiai Központ, Budapest; Breda


From 1992 continously in Hungarian magazines: Magyar Épitomuvészet, Alaprajz, Átrium, Oktogon, Konyhamuveszet
1993 Youth Unemployment, MTA, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1993 34 poster, Magyar Narancs portrait issue about the famoushungarians
1995 Architecture of Ödön Lechner, Architecture Dramatic, Japan
from 1996 continously, Big Creative Book Annual, Geomédia
1997 Domus 795, architectural magazine, Editoriale Domus, S.p.A. Milano, Italy
1998 Domus 804, architectural magazine, Editoriale Domus, S.p.A. Milano, Italy
1998 Let%u2019s say, book about advertising, McCann Erickson
1998 Recepie book of Govinda, Gyulai Gábor
1999 Baustelle: Ungarn, Hungarian contemporary architectures book, Herausgeber Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
2002 Brick, selection of the Hungarian brick architecture, Stalker
2003 Life of Hofi Géza, portrait book of the famous Hungarian comedian, Géza Hofi, Hungaroton Records
2004 Cantine Architetture 1990-2005, Vine-estate Architecture of The World , Federico Motta Editore, Milano, Italy
2004 Audi, architectural album, 3h office for architecture
2004 2 buildings, architectural album, 3h office for architecture
2005 Emerging Identities East!, contemporary east European Architectural book, Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, Berlin, Germany
2005 Architecture of Zoltán Gulyás, HAP
2005 form and nonform, book of architectural photography, Platform Culture- Central Europe
2006 plaká, Hungarian poster design 1989-2006, Stalker
2006 Öngyilkosság statisztika társadalom, book cover, Zonda Tamás, Kairosz Könyvkiadó, Budapest

2007 The Book of Péter Vladimir, Terc

2010 Szivarklub, book cover, Serdián Miklós György, EPL Kiadó, Budapest

2011 Lipót-Alsó, book cover, Serdián Miklós György, EPL Kiadó, Budapest

2011 Oricsák-Afrokubai istenek, book cover, Serdián Miklós György, EPL Kiadó, Budapest

2011 Makovecz -Templomok, EPL Kiadó, Budapest

2014 Makovecz - Churches, EPL Publisher, Budapest

2015 The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Photography, contribotor in the hungarian related entries, Thames & Hudson Ltd, London

1994 City-Light 1994, I. prize, Hungarian Advertisement Association
1995 Billboard of The Year 1995 III. prize, Hungarian Advertisement Association
1997 Billboard of The Year 1997 I. prize, Hungarian Advertisement Association
1999 Pegazus golden award, Non profit ad cathegory, Reader's Digest
2000 AD Spot Award, Non profit ad, Publicita Progresso, Milan, Italy
2000 Arany Penge golden award, Hungarian Advertisement Association
2002 Golden Drumstick award, Portorozs, Slovenia
2001 Arany szív award, MaRS
2002 Bronz szív award, MaRS

Performances, Lectures, Teaching:
1999 Possibilities in Architectural Photography, Jussi Tiainen finish photographer's exhibition opening in the Hungarian Architects Association's Hall
2004 The Way of Architectural Photography, Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design
2004 Photographer as an Intellectual, Ponton Gallery
2005 Large Format Photography, Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design
2006 Photography as the Language of the Architectural Communication, Hungarian Architect

2007-  teaching in the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest as a member of the academic staff

2015- head of Photography Department, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest

2016- member of the Photography Section of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary

curator works:

1999 - 2001 Cresta International Advertising Awards, Hungarian jury
2004 - 2006 Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design diploma board member

2012, XY Human Dignity And The MOME Generation exhibition, organizer and co curator, Ludwig Museum Budapest